In this post, we’ll talk about Morpheus8, the king of skin tightening solutions!

As the years go by, we see our skin get loose and saggy. We see it droop. We see it wrinkle.  I’ve been there, you’ve (probably) been there, and if you haven’t you will soon enough. It’s just a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean we need to accept it! Now, Morpheus8 has given us the power to greatly tighten loose skin by stimulating collagen production through deep thermal energy, delivered in the form of radio frequency. Morpheus8 also resurfaces the skin to create a smoother, more supple appearance, and it greatly reduces acne scarring too!


Morpheus8 basically causes small abrasions on the skin while stimulating the dermis. The combination essentially injures your skin in a controlled fashion on both the surface and underneath, stimulating a healing response. Now here is where the magic starts. The healing response entails collagen production and growth factors, which aid in making the skin tight, supple, and smooth. As more treatments are performed, the process is strengthened and accentuated, taking years off your skin and giving you the look you desire. Call to a schedule a free consultation today!