In this post, we’ll explore why your skin needs more than just moisturizer and sunscreen!

So you wash your face every day, apply toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen, and you’re all set, right? You go out with your friends, have a smoke, a couple drinks maybe, and it’s all good, right? Wrong!

We know that what we do to the outside of our skin is important, but did you know that what you do internally is just as important? In today’s post, we’re going to give some tips for keeping your skin as healthy as possible from the inside, and we’ll explain why they’re important.


Hydration is key. Dehydration makes it more difficult to process toxins and waste products, so staying well hydrated allows you to keep flushing out unwanted compounds from your body, including your skin! Every part of your body produces waste products, and your skin is no exception. Not only that, but every part of your body needs water! It is essential for life and proper functioning, and once again, your skin follows the same rule. So, drink up!


Just like the rest of your body, your skin needs nutrients to perform its daily cellular processes. It needs protein and fat to maintain structural integrity, and vitamins and minerals to carry out essential procedures. By supplying your body with these nutrients, you not only help your internal organs; you help your skin. So what is good nutrition? Without going into too much detail, it means avoiding white, sugary carbs, getting good protein and unsaturated (plant and fish based) fats, and eating PLENTY of leafy greens and fruits. The old adage rings especially true here: eat as many colors as you can!


Now, it’s no secret that smoking and drinking damage your body from the inside, but it also takes a toll on your skin. Both of them stress your skin cells unnecessarily, causing collagen degeneration. Over time, this causes laxity, unevening of the skin tone, and tired looking skin. So, if you absolutely need to have those drinks with your friends tonight (and don’t even thinking about smoking cigarettes), make sure you stay well hydrated the whole time to prevent alcoholic metabolites from building up, and make sure you don’t do it too often.


We all should be exercising for our physical health anyways, but if you need that extra bit of motivation, know that exercise is beneficial for the skin as well. How you ask? For starters, sweating opens your pores and allows your skin cells to flush out water and minerals. When you re-hydrate, the process is like washing your car; your skin is left feeling brand new and ready to go. Another positive is that exercise keeps your cells younger for longer.

While these tips may seem obvious to some of us, it’s important not just to know them, but to implement them in our daily lives. That means exercising at least twice a week, drinking plenty of water throughout the day, eating all the right foods, and avoiding excessive drinking and completely avoiding smoking. The most important thing is consistency. You won’t see change overnight, or even within a week, but over time, your skin will start to show how well you treat it.