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Located in the heart of Connecticut lies the beautiful and vibrant city of Middletown. Situated right on the Connecticut river, this once small settlement became an important stop for many early English settlers in the mid 1600s. Due to its proximity to the water, many flocked to Middletown for industrial job opportunities, trading, and transportation. While there are many commercial businesses operating around Middletown, the community has become home to a more modern residential district with a focus on the growth of the downtown area which features many popular retail and dining destinations.

For locals in Middletown, CT looking for a trustworthy and experienced med spa can find that answer at Park Avenue Esthetics. Our clinic is fully equipped with highly trained staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and access to modern techniques to perform various treatments and procedures for our clients.

Ready to embark on your journey to seamless beauty? We encourage you to put your trust in Park Avenue Esthetics!

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Strolling through Middletown, CT, it's natural to desire a look that brings out your best self. At Park Avenue Esthetics, we understand the importance of feeling good about your appearance. With this in mind, we’ve worked hard to create an extensive list of services that will not only enhance your natural beauty but improve your confidence and overall mental health. Our med spa is equipped to enhance your natural beauty with a suite of services including laser hair removal, tattoo removal, vein/brown spot reduction, thinning hair treatments, our professionals are here to support your aesthetic journey. In addition to utilizing modern laser treatments, we also administer injectables, such as Botox, dermal fillers, and weight loss injections, such as Ozempic injections to help turn the tides of your weight loss battle.

We are committed to listening intently to your needs and crafting a personalized treatment strategy to fulfill your aspirations. Embrace a future where confidence and radiance shine through—contact us today to schedule an appointment and begin your transformation!

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